Tim's Mission Statement

At Tim The Inspector Man my objective is to deliver the most professional, honest, and proper home/property inspection available in Northern Illinois. I use the most current technology and I am always advancing my education and tool inventory to give you the most advanced home inspection to help protect your health, safety, and financial investment.

My Goal

I want to ensure that you receive a professional home inspection while providing you with exceptional customer service at a very competitive price.


"Give the facts about life's Greatest Investment
Your new home"

Extra Info

This link has a lot of great information for everyone before during and after an inspection. ('http://www.nachi.org')

These two links will take you to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics that I follow and base every inspection on. 

Please use this link to get even more information about me. It has a short interview on it. 

Serving Northern Illinois Phone 815-790-9790 IL. Lic. # 450.011500